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boys like me belong to the rain

gay, trans and unapologetic

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enfj :: xe/xyr/xem & ze/hir/hirs & they/them/theirs pronouns are fine :: white australian :: history nerd :: dog person :: ravenclaw :: melancholic

hello - i’m lawrence and i’m gender non conforming. i live in australia which is pretty hot and also terrible but it’s nice in winter so.

i’m very gay and come out every five seconds so that anyone who meets me is certain that i’m not a Straight.

most of the music i listen to comes from my best pal brooke and my faves at the moment are walk the moon, the 1975 and troye sivan. mostly my taste can be described as “indie/alternative/punk with lots of vintage shit and action movie soundtracks. also pop”
listening list: the broods, ryn weaver, ruelle, of monsters and men, the neighbourhood, bastille, bleachers, florence + the machine

reading about myself is always super validating and reading about other people is super educational and heartwarming so if you find any really good minority representation in literature, let me know cause i’ll probably be down to read it.
reading list: the foxhole court, the raven cycle, the captive prince trilogy

i’m a socialist and big fan of marx. in fact, my first tattoo is probably going to be “karl marx is my daddy” and it’s going to go on my ass.

i love chatting about power structures and correcting people on their mistakes, but that goes both ways. if you have a questions or i’ve said something wrong, don’t be afraid to let me know :?

my gender and my orientation are kind of up in the air and it’s anyone’s guess what’s going on so if you have any questions bout how i identify then i probably can’t help you.

other than undeniable power structures that are already in place, i’m super chill and don’t have a lot of opinions so if you wanna vent go ahead, i won’t judge. promise.
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